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About Juggernaut Trading Edu

Juggernaut Trading EDU

Juggernaut Trading offers courses for investors who are looking to master the fundamentals of trading. These comprehensive, week-long classes have helped hundreds of students become more knowledgeable traders. We focus on a blend of analytical frameworks, with live market examples to explain concepts and enhance the curriculum.

All Juggernaut Edu classes feature 10+ hours of training from Tim Kelleher, direct access to Tim in a private course-only chat room, recordings from all sessions, and unlimited quarterly retakes.

Sessions take place online in a private section of the Juggernaut Trading room, so you can attend classes without ever leaving the Juggernaut platform.

Course Curriculum

The Essential Equities Trading Course is offered each quarter. The next class is scheduled for December 2013.

  • Day 1: Equities Trading Introduction
  • Day 2: Understanding Risk
  • Day 3: Chart Patterns Analysis
  • Day 4: Trading Rules & Risk
  • Day 5: Discipline & Trading Psychology

Advanced classes available

In addition to the Essentially Equities Trading Course (offered quarterly), Juggernaut Edu also provides advanced classes. These courses are designed for experienced traders, including those who have completed the first level of the curriculum.

For more information on these classes, inquire directly by emailing tim@timkcorp.com with the subject line “Juggernaut Edu – Advanced Classes”.

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Learn To Identify Technical Triggers

Study the essentials of technical analysis, including:

  • Key levels & shifts
  • Chart patterns & trend analysis
  • Gap strategies
  • Stacking arguments

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Understand Risk and Trade-ability

Master critical trading concepts, such as:

  • Building a game plan
  • Overall risk as it relates to equity
  • Rules for scalping
  • Identifying risk before entering a trade

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Build Towards Consistent Net Profitability

Become a smarter trader with Juggernaut Edu

  • Identify your trading style
  • Understand the importance of early liquidity
  • Learn to be patient and disciplined
  • Work towards consistent positive days

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